Behind the scenes - How online surveys really work


Did you ever wonder how sites for paid online surveys find the surveys for you? We´ll tell you how!

We´ll give you an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes in online sampling! The industry of paid online surveys is a huge and complex connected network. The main players can be divided in three kinds of companies:

Provider specific online panel:

These brands of online panels do offer some paid online surveys. However, they will only offer you the online surveys of their own clients. This limits the number of surveys and therefore money that you can expect drastically. Commonly you will be able to complete a paid survey less then once a week, sometimes only once a month. If you are interested in a consistent flow of paid online surveys, we don´t recommend choosing such a provider to take part in online surveys.

Survey networks:

Most providers of insights and market research don´t own their own pool of participants, or they want to reach target groups that they can´t reach themselves in the quantity necessary. Therefore, survey networks exist, where the buyers of online sample are pooled. These networks don´t provide the survey participants themselves, but allow other, independent online panel providers to fill the demand. The networks pool a huge number of surveys that need answers, but as a sole participant in paid online research, you can´t access them. You´ll have to be part of the panel of a company of the third category.

Independent or provider un-specific online panel:

These providers are either not part of an insights or market research institute, or they don´t limit the survey participation to their own surveys. This allows you to access the demand of international survey networks, and therefore much more surveys available to you. They are the best choice if you are interested in paid online surveys, and you are willing to participate more than once every couple of weeks. You can collect and redeem the money that you earn with the paid surveys more frequently.

The international online panel for paid online surveys “MOBROG” is part of the third group of providers. While MOBROG is part of a German market research company, we offer a huge range of surveys from international survey networks. Occasionally, you might take part in our own surveys, too. We believe this is the best deal from a participant´s perspective and our reviews show we´re right.

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